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Podcast Episode 13

  • Throughout Season 1, we covered each financial concept separately. Join us as we begin Season 2, where we share how to see your financial situation holistically. Future episodes will focus on different stages that people experience and how to prioritize needs, wants, and wishes for each stage. 

    1. Early Career

      • Student Loan Debt
      • Entry-Level Salary
      • When to Begin Retirement Savings
      • How Marriage Changes your Financial Plan

    2. Mid-Career

      • Promotions
      • Home Purchase/Moving
      • Having Children

    3. Pre-Retirement

      • Deciding How Much You Will Need
      • Setting Goals
      • Dreaming Big on How to Enjoy Retirement

    4. Retirement

      • Go-Go, Slow-Go, and No-Go Years
      • How To Make Your Savings Last

    5. Beyond

      • Tax-Efficient Estate Transfer
      • How to Leave a Legacy

    Every stage offers new challenges. Listen regularly to build your understanding and learn how to make wise decisions throughout your life!

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