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                             SECURE ACT 2.0: Takeaways for Consider


NOTICE: This explanation is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as or considered to be legal or tax advice. You should always consult your tax advisor with any and all questions regarding any all tax and tax related matters, including any questions that you may have concerning tax strategies described generally above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. PalomarWealth is affiliated with the Thrivent Advisor Network (TAN), a registered investment adviser (RIA) and a part of Thrivent. We are not obligated to Thrivent Financial, yet we proudly partner with Thrivent because of our values alignment. Existing Thrivent members will continue to enjoy Thrivent member benefits such as Action Teams and Thrivent Choice Dollars. Any new clients who become Thrivent members while in partnering with us will also have access to these benefits.

Thrivent Advisor Network (TAN) is an independent network of advisory firms. TAN builds on the century-old heritage of Thrivent Financial, a Fortune 500 company that has helped millions of people achieve financial clarity and live lives full of meaning and gratitude. We are able to offer our clients access to Thrivent insurance and products, as well as other products from outside companies that fit our client’s needs.

Yes, we are a fiduciary, meaning that we are legally and ethically obligated to act in our clients' best interests. Our goal is not to sell products, but to serve your interests with a prudent advice-based relationship.

There is no minimum asset requirement to work with our practice, we are prepared to serve clients at all stages of their life. We work with clients who are just beginning their financial journey as well those who have established their financial foundation and beyond. Our fees are based on the assets under our management or fee-based financial plans. We provide a clear explanation of our fee structure and review fees regularly with our clients.

We welcome the opportunity to work with clients in person at our offices, however, we have many clients who live across the country and we are licensed in most states. We are able to hold remote meetings through Zoom or phone conferences.

Our practice offers advisement on ESG investing. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are a set of standards for a company’s operations that socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments. Criteria can include how a company performs as a steward of nature, management of its relationships with employees, vendors, customers, and communities, and broadly with how the company deals with leadership, executive pay, and internal controls. We can design a plan that aligns with your values while meeting your financial goals.

Socially responsible investing is qualitative and subjective by nature, and there is no guarantee that the criteria utilized, or judgment exercised will reflect the beliefs or values of any one particular client. Environmental, social and Governance (“ESG”) strategies may select, or exclude securities of certain issuers for reasons other than performance, therefore the performance will differ from other strategies that do not utilize an ESG investing strategy. Information regarding responsible practices is obtained through voluntary or third-party reporting, which may not be accurate or complete, and we are dependent on such information to evaluate a company’s commitment to, or implementation of, responsible practices. Socially responsible norms differ by region. There is no assurance that the socially responsible investing strategy and techniques employed will be successful. Past performance is not a guarantee or reliable indicator of future results.