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At our financial planning firm, we believe transparency is key. We offer a range of services to help our clients plan and manage their finances effectively. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized advice tailored to each individual's unique needs. We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest about our fees and services, so our clients can feel confident and informed throughout the entire process. Whether you're looking to invest, save for retirement, or simply get a better handle on your finances, we're here to help. 

Transparency is important to our team.

Please review our offerings and fees below.

Financial Planning

Comprehensive Planning

One-Year Engagement: 6 meetings with ongoing support.

  • Goals-Based Planning
  • Financial Snapshot
  • Retirement Projection Analysis
  • Retirement Allocation Analysis
  • Retirement Income Planning (for Retirees)
  • Investment Analysis
  • Tax-Efficiency Analysis
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Risk Analysis (Insurance Coverage)
  • Estate Planning Analysis
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Debt Management
  • Additional Planning Areas As Needed
$2,925 annually or $243.75/month

Retirement Planning

One-Year Engagement: 4 meetings with ongoing support.

  • Goals-Based Planning
  • Financial Snapshot
  • Retirement Projection Analysis
  • Retirement Allocation Analysis
  • Investment Analysis
  • Tax-Efficiency Analysis
  • Social Security Analysis
$1,875 annually or $156.25/month

One-Purpose Planning

Short-Term Engagement: 2-3 meetings.

A clearly defined financial plan built around one area. Examples Include:

  • Roth Conversion
  • Education Planning
  • Student Loan Repayment Plans
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Insurance Analysis

$900 One-Time Fee or $75/month

 Financial Planning Overview

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is offered through a partnership with EncorEstates.

Although we are not attorneys, we can facilitate the creation of your estate plan by providing you access to our partner, EncorEstate, and their software. Our team coordinates information to help provide you with an estate plan in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Your estate plan is then prepared and reviewed in 7-10 business days by leading industry professionals (estate planners/attorneys) to give you a professional estate plan. Your plan includes a revocable trust, will, financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and other documents. We will provide you with the support you need to make informed decisions to complete the process. 

Who can use this system?

We estimate that approximately 75% of estate plans are appropriate for this system. If you are disinheriting children, feel like you have heirs that will litigate after your death, or have extremely unusual beneficiary needs, this system is not a good fit for you. We can refer you to one of our local estate planning attorneys for these needs.

  • If you have a young and growing family and want to provide for your children in a responsible manner (spacing out distributions over time), this system is for you.
  • If you have put off doing your estate plan for YEARS because of cost, logistics in meeting with an attorney, or a simple lack of desire to talk about the inevitable, this system is for you.
  • The system can also handle situations where you may have a special needs child or a child who is not financially responsible. 

establish the answers to five major questions: 

1) Beneficiaries – Who is going to get everything?

2) Method of Distribution – How are the beneficiaries going to get everything (ages, no restrictions, etc.)?

3) Trustee/Executor/Power of Attorney – Who will make financial decisions for you if you cannot?

4) Health Care POA – Who will make health care decisions for you if you cannot?

5) Guardian (if necessary) – Who will have physical custody of minor children?  

Already have an Estate Plan?  No problem.

Even if you are in the minority of families who have completed their estate plan, this relationship can review your existing documents and provide a list of follow-up questions to see if it is up to date. If you know that a number of things have changed, this system can create brand new documents for you while using your existing trust name and date (this prevents having to re-register assets already in the trust).

Trust Package

Trust-based Estate Plan Includes:

  • Revocable Trust
  • Certification of Trust
  • General Transfer
  • Pour-Over Will
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directive Statement of Wishes
  • HIPAA Release
  • Optional: Property Deed Additional State Specific Cost  (IL Cost to file $400)
  • Optional: Business Assignements $100
  • Future Plan Amendments $250

Will Package

Will-based Estate Plan Includes:

  • Will
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directive Statement of Wishes
  • HIPAA Release

Power Pack

The Power Pack Includes:

  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directive Statement of Wishes
  • HIPAA Release

$400/Individual or $600/Couple

Investment Management 

Analytics Driven

At PalomarWealth, we employ a data-driven approach to managing assets that is focused on long-term, compound annual growth. We are proud to partner with Helios Quantitative Research, a data analytics firm. Helios specializes in providing research to an exclusive group of financial advisors who then build, implement, and monitor custom quantitative model portfolios. Our Investment Committee reviews the research supplied by Helios and other sources and then applies the strategies which best align with our client’s financial goals.

We are not influenced by the next hot stock as history tells us that very few companies outperform their benchmark over a ten-year time frame. Instead, we incorporate your holistic financial picture, goals, attitudes, dreams, and challenges to create a comprehensive plan and result in a clearer financial future. 

PalomarWealth Process


We begin by learning what your priorities are and then we simply listen. We ask the right questions to understand your financial perspective. Listening is a core value that we employ in our practice. Through active listening, we discover what wealth means to you by creating a high-value, advice-driven relationship as your partner in your financial journey.


We collaborate together to create recommendations and strategies designed to bring you financial success. We work with individuals and families from a diverse blend of backgrounds and a broad range of professions; from small businesses to farming, to the manufacturing industries.


We create individual, unique, and custom financial solutions. Our team monitors your investments and meets with you regularly to ensure you are navigating the right course toward a healthy financial future.

Thrivent Advisor Network

Thrivent Advisor Network builds on the 100-year heritage of Thrivent Financial. Together we partner with Thrivent Financial to help you achieve financial clarity, make the most of everything you’ve been given, and live your life full of meaning and gratitude.

IMPORTANT: Advisory Person(s) may use proprietary financial planning tools, calculators and third-party tools and materials ("Third-Party Materials") to develop your financial planning recommendations. The projections or other information generated by Third-Party Materials regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results, and are not guarantees of future results. Results may vary with each use and over time. Thrivent Advisor Network, LLC and its advisors do not provide legal, accounting or tax advice. Consult your attorney and or tax professional regarding these situations.   

The return assumptions in Third-Party Materials are not reflective of any specific product, and do not include any fees or expenses that may be incurred by investing in specific products. The actual returns of a specific product may be more or less than the returns used. It is not possible to directly invest in an index. Financial forecasts, rates of return, risk, inflation, and other assumptions may be used as the basis for illustrations. They should not be considered a guarantee of future performance or a guarantee of achieving overall financial objectives. Past performance is not a guarantee or a predictor of future results of either the indices or any particular investment. Investing involves risks, including the possible loss of principal.   

 Investment advisory services are offered through Thrivent Advisor Network, LLC, a registered investment adviser. This material, in and of itself, does not create an investment advisory relationship subject to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.   

The purpose of the report is to illustrate how accepted financial and estate planning principles may improve your current situation. The term "plan" or "planning," when used within this report, does not imply that a recommendation has been made to implement one or more financial plans or make a particular investment. You should use this Report to help you focus on the factors that are most important to you. Review the Financial Planning Disclosure Document and the Financial Planning Agreement for a full description of the services offered and fees.   

 Investment advisory services offered through Thrivent Advisor Network, LLC., (herein referred to as “Thrivent”), a registered investment adviser. Clients will separately engage an unaffiliated broker-dealer or custodian to safeguard their investment advisory assets. Review the Thrivent Advisor Network Client Relationship Summary, Financial Planning and Consulting Services, Investment Management Services (Non-Wrap) and Wrap-Fee Program brochures for a full description of services, fees and expenses, available at Thrivent Advisor Network, LLC’s Advisory Persons may also be registered representatives of a broker-dealer to offer securities products.   

 Certain Thrivent Advisor Network LLC advisors may also be registered representatives of a broker-dealer to offer securities products. Advisory Persons of Thrivent provide advisory services under a “doing business as” name or may have their own legal business entities. However, advisory services are engaged exclusively through Thrivent Advisor Network, LLC, a registered investment adviser. Please visit our website for important disclosures. 

Technical analysis is a method of evaluating securities by analyzing statistics generated by market activity, such as past prices and volumes. Technical analysis attempts to predict a future stock price or direction based on market trends. The assumption is that the market follows discernible patterns and if these patterns can be identified then a prediction can be made. The risk is that markets may not always follow patterns.