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At PalomarWealth, we collaborate together to create recommendations and strategies designed to bring you financial success. We look at your holistic picture: your goals, attitudes, dreams, and challenges and create a comprehensive plan that results in a positive financial future. We are a fiduciary practice, meaning that we are legally and ethically obligated to act in your best interests. 

What to Expect

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☑️ We will schedule a quick 15-minute call with an advisor to get to know you and better understand your situation.

☑️ After speaking with an advisor, you can schedule a free introductory 1-hour meeting to give you a glimpse into the financial planning process. By providing a few details about your finances, we will prepare a Financial Snapshot to provide more detail on your current financial situation. This meeting is designed to be informative and low-pressure, so you can get a sense of what it's like to work with us.

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