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Who We Are

Michael Fleming and Keith Hubble created a financial planning partnership in 2003 after realizing their goals and aspirations for building a multi-generational practice were aligned. Together they share the same Christian values, work ethic, respect, and desire to help their clients lead a life of significance. Michael, Keith, and their team have a deep impact both on and in their community through their outreach efforts; in fact, Palomar Wealth is built on the foundation of a desire to help others.

The practice name, PalomarWealth, signifies the creation of a secure and stable bond between our practice and our clients. It also symbolizes the connection and support our team possesses to care for you. The simplicity of the Palomar knot represents our goal of simplifying complicated financial matters for clients no matter their unique financial situations. Wealth is a term that describes more than money, true wealth can be measured by contentment, security, strength in relationships, philanthropy, and more.

Helping others succeed, increasing financial security, enabling clients to do the things they want to do, and creating ways for them to contribute to the causes and communities important to them is our primary purpose. Our clients are unique and have their own distinctive challenges. Our team continues to be inspired by the call to provide actionable plans that simplify complex situations while educating clients and removing confusion from the financial planning process.

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